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The NYU Precollege Review: Issue Six

NYU Precollege has come to an end.  Today, some students will be taking their last finals and all residential students will be checking out of Weinstein Hall.  This past week was a bit of a blur with finals of all sorts–final walks through Washington Square, final lectures, final breakfasts in the dining hall, final commutes to campus on MetroNorth and NJ Transit, final Broadway shows, final baseball games, final trips to museums, final coffee breaks with friends, final study marathons in the library, final trips to the bodega next store for late night snacks, and of course, final exams and papers.

Yankees Game

Last Yankees Game of the Summer

The final night of Precollege was spent on a dinner cruise around the harbor.  We hope students enjoyed the food, dancing, and the amazing views of the city at night!

Dinner Cruise 1

Dinner Cruise: Downtown Backdrop

After you leave NYU, do not forget to keep an eye on your NYUHome Student Services Center for your final grades in the next few weeks.  When your grades are posted, you can submit a request for your official transcript.  Also, do not forget to let us know what you thought of your NYU Precollege experience by completing the student survey.  We look forward to reading your responses and learning what you have to say about the best of Precollege and what we may be able to improve for future students.



Dinner Cruise 7

Dinner Cruise: Dancing the Night Away


We hope you have enjoyed your time on campus this summer.  We have certainly enjoyed having you here!  It has been a wonderful summer, and we will miss having you at Washington Square.  All the best to you as you travel home and begin your junior and senior years!



This is the final post of the NYU Precollege 2014 blog.  We hope you found this blog a helpful resource as you prepared for your time as a college student at NYU, and thank you for participating in the program!  And, of course, if you have any questions about Precollege after the summer is over, do not hesitate to contact us.

Dinner Cruise 8

Dinner Cruise: Getting Close to Lady Liberty

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Reminder: Return Your NYUCard

Just a friendly reminder that all Precollege students are asked to return their NYUCards to the NYU Card Center (7 Washington Place) or Weinstein Hall by the last day of NYU Precollege.

If you keep your NYUCard from this summer and later return to NYU as a student in the future,  you will be charged a $15 reactivation fee for a new card.

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Precollege Student Survey

It is the final week of NYU Precollege, and we would love to hear from you about your experiences inside and outside the classroom this summer!  All Precollege students should have received information about the NYU Precollege Student Survey via their NYU email addresses.

We use our surveys every year to make improvements to the NYU Precollege program, so be honest with your feedback.  We look forward to hearing from you, and if you have any questions about the survey, contact us!

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Final Grades and NYU Transcripts

Final Grades
Once you have completed your courses, you can view your final grades via Albert by logging into NYUHome, entering the Student Center, and selecting “Grades” from the drop down menu.  For more information, see the NYU Registrar’s Viewing Grades guide.

Please allow up to two-three weeks after Precollege ends for your grades to be posted.  It can take faculty some time to evaluate everyone’s finals, papers, and overall academic work.  If your grades have not been posted in Albert after three weeks, you can email your professor to inquire about the status of grades.

NYU Transcripts
Academic transcripts from NYU are not automatically sent to you after you complete your courses and receive your final grades.  All students must submit a request for an official transcript if you wish to receive one.  To request a transcript to be mailed to your home or school, log-in to NYUHome, enter the Student Center, and select “Transcript-Official” from the drop down menu.  Transcripts can be requested at any time, although it is a good idea to wait until all of your final grades from the summer are posted online before you submit your request.  That way, you ensure the transcript you receive will be complete and up-to-date.

More information about requesting a transcript is available on the NYU Registar website.

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The NYU Precollege Review: Issue Five

The penultimate week of Precollege, and finals are just around the corner!  Good luck to all students on their final exams, papers, and projects!

Because of finals week next week, not as many events are being offered so students have time to attend to their studies. It also means that this past week was chock full of events to give students the chance to get out and about before finals hit home.  Students had the opportunity to see one of six Broadway shows this week and get their culture on at the New Museum, High Line Park, and Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Today, the P.A.s organized an hour of de-stressing with dogs at Weinstein for students to blow off steam while rolling around on the floor with canine friends.  We’re not sure who is going to have a better time, the students or the puppies, but we sure do look forward to the pictures on Facebook!

The College 101 Series ended this week with sessions about college financial aid, admissions at NYU, and faculty from the Expository Writing department came in to hold one-on-one consultations with students about writing their college admissions essays.  We hope students have enjoyed the College 101 series and have found it helpful as they tackle the challenges of applying to and attending college.

This week was Project Pay Attention Week at Precollege.  Project Pay Attention is an initiative at NYU that promotes mindfulness about one’s words and actions and their potential impact on the people around you.  Many Precollege students signed the pledge to be mindful of what they say and how they say it and to be ambassadors of mindfulness in the community.  Great work taking up the Project Pay Attention challenge, Precollege students!

Finally, the Tisch School of the Arts High School Program ends tomorrow.  If you see a Tisch student in the residential hall or around campus, be sure to give them a fond farewell!  They have been amazing additions to the Weinstein Hall and Precollege community, and they will be missed.

Good luck with finals next week, Precollege, and check back next Friday for the last edition of the NYU Precollege Review!

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Stress Relief Tips

Next week is finals week, and many Precollege students will be feeling the pressure studying for that final exam and/or attacking that final paper.  Stress can be motivating, but too much of it, and it can get in your way.  Take care of yourself and address your stress by following these tips:

1. Take a break.  It is tempting to lock yourself away until it is all over and done with, but that can lead to burn out.  Remember to step away from time to time and take breaks.  Go out to dinner with friends, go for a walk, watch a movie, or sit in the park. Even just taking a few moments to get up and stretch your legs, do some meditation or breathing exercises, or get a snack can sometimes be enough.  No matter what you do, be sure you are removed from your work for a few moments at least.

2. Talk it out.  Sometimes just venting to your roommate (who is also in the midst of finals) and commiserating together or speaking with your P.A. (who’s been through finals many a time) can be helpful.

3. Seek academic support if needed.  Have questions about your exam?  Visit your professor during his/her office hours.  Looking for the best resources for your research paper?  Make an appointment with a Bobst subject librarian.  Need a space for your Economics study group?  Contact the University Learning Center.  Want someone to look over your final paper and give you feedback and guidance?  See a consultant at the NYU Writing Center.  There are tons of academic support services on campus–take advantage of them!

4. Eat well, sleep, and exercise.  When tackling big projects like finals, too often the basics are thrown to the side and ignored.  If you don’t take care of yourself by eating regular meals and getting enough sleep, your marathon to the end of finals will be a struggle uphill.  Taking a break to go for a run, a swim, or play a game of basketball at the gym with friends is also a great way to release stressful energy and reboot your system.

5. Call the Wellness Exchange (212-443-9999).  Make an appointment with a counselor to talk about your finals and get some one-on-one guidance on how to handle your stress.

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